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Turn Your Voice To Text Message Via Phone

Internet is amazing! Many companies spreads their business on internet, we can find new service online everyday, even the business is not related internet service. Today, I would like introduce a phone service but that is not for call to each other, it calls a server and turns your voice to text, like email, instant message, or just remind yourself something. The service called Dial2do.

How to use Dial2do? It is very simple, just use your phone dial a phone number that service gave you, tell it what you want to do. If you want turn your voice to a email, just say "email" and who you want send to when server asking. If you want remind yourself something, just say "reminder", after you voice recorded it will send an email to someone or yourself. That is very simple.

It is useful in somewhere or different condition, like you travel outside and you want quick send a message to your family or friends. You can use it to remind yourself something anytime. Even you can ask about "weather", "calendar", post a "Twitter" update feed, even ask "translate" a message to another language. It is cool. Dial2do servers around 24 countries, including US, UK, Japan, Australia, Canada. You can dial a local access number to use this service for free, but your phone company will charge you as normal calling.



这在某些场合比较实用,如你旅行在外需要快速给家人和朋友发送消息,或者直接用作提醒功能。还可以用来询问有关"weather(天气)", "calendar(日历)",发布一个"Twitter"更新消息,甚至还可以使用"translate"将语音消息翻译成另一种语言。非常酷!目前Dial2do的服务遍布24国家,包括美国、英国、日本、澳洲、加拿大等,很遗憾没有中国。你可以拨打当地的服务号码享受这个免费服务,不过请注意,电话公司仍然会象平常打电话那样对你收取电话费用。

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