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Download Torrent Online With TorrentRelay

I had a post that talk about Use Firefox Add-on To Download Torrent File Without Any Extension Client. Today I like tell you another way to download torrent file without any client.

Torrent Relay is an online application that turns any torrent file to regular download one. It seems a similar way with Torrent2exe, but its interface is nice, and has more features. You can use different devices to visit Torrent Relay, like Play Station 3, iPhone or iPod Touch, and any browsers. If you use PC you can choose "Torrent Relay Full Client", it will take you a new page, you can click "Add Torrent" that first button, it display some options, just simple fill a torrent file link into browse bar or a link from a website. After that click "Fetch Torrent" or "Fetch Online URL" button, it should be has a list from torrent file, you can pick something or download whole file.

It is pretty easy. Actually, Torrent Relay will download torrent file first, then it offers you a link that gives you for downloading. You can use this service for free, but it also offers prime service that with more features and you have to pay.

我以前写过一篇文章-Use Firefox Add-on To Download Torrent File Without Any Extension Client,主要介绍如何使用一个Firefox添加件来下载变态下载文件。今天我要介绍的是另一种方法不用第三方软件来下载变态下载文件。

Torrent Relay是一个在线运用程式,它可以将变态下载转为普通下载,它有点类似另一个网站Torrent2exe,但它的界面更好看,也有更多功能。你可以使用不同的设备来访问该网站,如Play Station 3、iPhone或iPod Touch,以及任何浏览器。如果你使用电脑的话,可以选"Torrent Relay Full Client",它会带你到下一个网页,点击第一个按钮"Add Torrent"后,它会显示一些选项。只要简单地将一个变态文件地址输入导出条,或者从网络上连接一个地址,点击"Fetch Torrent"或"Fetch Online URL"按钮。它会显示该变态文件中的列表,你可以选择部分或全部下载。

相当简单。其实,Torrent Relay将首先下载变态文件,然后给你一个链接来下载它。使用这个服务是免费的,但是它也提供收费服务,这意味着可以享用更多的功能。

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