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Play Two Youtube Videos At Same Time

People like internet video especially Youtube is a best one. I do not know how many people watch video on Youtube everyday, but I know even some famous media companies, groups, even government have own channel on Youtube, like BBC News, Youtube Vatican Channel, UK Parliament Channel.

Usually, we watch video on Youtube just one by one, that means you can not watch two videos at same time, that is why some web services make it possible that lets you watch two Youtube at same time. Here has two websites offer this kind of service. One is Ourtv, it has a dark interface. First, you have to put keyword into search bar, after click "Search" button it will display a list of related videos on left side. Now, you have to choose which video you want watch, and click "Cue On Deck1". Wait video load on deck1 screen, then you can choose another video from left sidebar, click "Cue On Deck2", and also wait video load on deck2 screen. After that you can click each play buttons to watch both videos. You can drag volume fader if you want listen one or both volumes.

Actually, Ourtv design for mixed Youtube videos, watch two videos at same time is just a part of task. If you want mix these two videos to one, you can do more steps. After did above steps, you can click "Mix Video" button which on center between both videos. You will see one screen that play two videos at same time. You can drag fader to each sides that display main video, and another one is transparent. It allows you add 5 videos, if you want add more you have to pay. It is cool.

Another website is Your Tube Mix, but it only play two videos at same time.

很多人喜欢收看网络视频,Youtube是最好的一个。我不知道每天有多少人收看它的视频,但是我知道有不少知名的媒体、团体,甚至是政府在Youtube上有自己的频道,如:Youtube, like BBC News, Youtube Vatican Channel, UK Parliament Channel等等。

通常,我们只能一个一个地观看Youtube视频,也就是说你不能同时观看两个视频。这就给一些网站机会来开发可以同时观看两个视频。这里有两个网站提供这样的服务,一个是Ourtv,它有一个黑暗的界面。首先,你需要在搜索条上输入关键词进行视频搜索,点击"Search"后它会显示一个相关的视频列表。现在你需要选择哪个视频你想观看,选中后再点击"Cue On Deck1"按钮,让视频完全载入左边的窗口。然后在左边的列表中选择第二个视频,之后点击"Cue On Deck2"按钮让它完全载入右边的窗口。这样你就可以点击两个播放按钮来同时收看两个视频。如果你想要听一个或两个视频的音量的话可以拖拉音量滑标。

其实,Ourtv是为混合Youtube视频而设计的,同时观看两个视频只是它的一个功能。如果你要混合两个视频的话,可以继续下面的步骤:在完成上面的步骤后,点击"Mix Video"按钮,它位于两个视频窗口的中间。这样你就可以在一个窗口内观看两个视频,你可以拖拉滑标来决定偏向哪个视频,另一个视频画面会呈现透明状态。它允许你添加5个视频,如果想要更多的话你就需要支付。非常酷。

另一个网站是Your Tube Mix,不过它只提供同时观看两个视频,并没有混合视频功能。

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