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Find User Guide Online

Do you have this experience that you lost your old domestic appliance user guide? Or you forgot where you put away and could not find them. I have this experience when I move to a new house, former owner left some old domestic appliances like refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher without user guide. If everything is fine that is OK, but if you could not start them you will have trouble without user guide.

Safe Manuals is a website that offers different user guides, it collects over 5,600 brands and 1,400,000 user guides. The good point is all user guide are free download with PDF file. You can browse it by category, like Computer, Camera, Phone and so on. You can choose product brand and model, click link it should be download at once.

It is very useful if you needed. It is another good way to know products before you buy them.


Safe Manuals是一个专用网站,它提供不同的使用手册,它收集了超过5600品牌的140万份使用手册。最好的特点是所有使用手册都可以以PDF格式文件免费下载。你可以使用它的类别来浏览,如:电脑、相机、电话等等,然后选择你想要的品牌和型号。点击链接后即可下载。


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