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Open Files In Right Way

Computer is a big project that has thousands files that connects including system, applications, extensions. I think many files most people have never touch because we are not PC engineers. For example, if you found a file with a strange extension how can you open it? What software you can use? I still remember I could not open this kind of files and deleted a few years ago, but my computer did not working after reboot. How can we open some files we have never see before? It is difficult to tell, and only sentence is I do not know. But I would like tell you a website that offers this kind of information.

Open With is a website that provides detailed information about most file extension. You can type a file extension into search bar, click search button you will get results, it lists some software that can use with. It also lists file by categories, like Assemblies, Audio Files, Data Files, and so on. It is good for people who know what kind of file they have, especially when we download a media file that could not play with your media player. So we can find it in Audio or Video section.

Open With is not only offers this file information, it also offers related application links for download. It is a very good website especially for users who always like download something from internet.


Open With提供大多数文件后缀的具体信息。你可以在搜索条中输入文件后缀名,点击搜索按钮后就会得到一些结果,它会列出可以使用的软件名。它还分类列出相关信息,如Assemblies, Audio Files, Data Files等等。如果你知道文件的类别的话这就很容易查找,尤其是当你下载一个多媒体文件后却无法用你的媒体播放机进行播放,你就可以在Audio或Video类别中进行查找。

Open With并不仅仅提供文件后缀信息,它还提供相关可打开文件软件的下载链接。这对那些常常在网络上下载文件的人来说是一个非常实用的网站。

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