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A New Way To Download Youtube Video

We love Youtube, and we know we can use some ways to download video from it, like use special downloader, or use online tools. Today, I like introduce a new way to download Youtube video.

Youtubeddl use another way helps you to download Youtube video. Most interesting point is Youtube does not required any software, but it also different compare to other online download tools, that is you can go to Youtube site watch and download video.

It is very simple, just go to Youtubeddl site, then click "go to" button. It will take you to Youtube, if you find a video that you want download, just drag or copy and paste video link to a bar which located on top frame. Follow a few steps it will download video, you can also choose regular quality (.flv) or high definition quality (.mp4). If everything is OK, you can watch this video offline. Does it cool?



它非常简单,只要到Youtubeddl网站上,点击"go to"按钮,它会带你到Youtube。如果你发现一个感兴趣的视频的话,可以直接使用鼠标将其链接拖拉、或者拷贝和粘贴到顶部的下载框中,几个步骤后它会直接下载该视频。你可以选择下载普通质量(.flv),或者高画质(.mp4)视频。如果一切顺利的话,你就可以离线观看下载的视频。是不是很酷?

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