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Some Cool Sites 03/17/09

Today I like introduce some cool sites, maybe they are not for everyone but they are special, if you like take a look.

ThruYou is a special site, it made videos that mixed multiple related videos from Youtube. It is not teach you how to do, only show you videos they made. It is cool.

Ctowner is a online tool that helps you to contact webmaster of any websites. Just fill a web address into search bar, it will query the domain provider for a contact email, then it will give you a quick and easy form to contact that site owner. It makes much easy if you want contact a webmaster.

Timezone is an online timezone checker, it displays different time clocks around the world. Move your mouse point one it displays local time, you can also type a city name into search bar to search. The interface looks very cool.

Call The Future is a website but not a running any web service, it lets you make a schedule for call yourself in the future. Just fill a form including your telephone number, words you want to say, caller ID, email address, and calling time. You might ask what for, it can be a remind you do something or an important notice. It is special service.




Timezone Check.com是一个在线时区检查器,它显示世界上不同的时区。当你用鼠标指向一个区域时它会立刻显示当地的时间,你也可以在搜索栏中输入一个城市名进行搜索。它的界面非常酷。

Call The Future是一个网站,但它并没有任何网络服务,只让你做一个将来打电话给你自己的时间表。只要在一个表格中输入一些信息包括:你的电话号码、你想要说的话、打电话的身份、电子邮件地址,和要打电话的时间。你也许会问这座什么之用,它可以用来提醒你自己一个重要的信息,或做什么事情。

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