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Trace Someone Copy Content From Your Site

If you have a website or blog maybe this web service is suit you. Do you want to know someone copy your content from your website or blog? Do you want trace what content even just highlights or copy text and image on your site? Tynt can help you, it is a web service that helps you trace somebody copy your content from your site.

When someone copies text or image even just highlights content from your site, the tracer will record that action, it automatically adds a link back to original content when it pasted. Tynt dose not detect who copy your content, it only tells you what content has copied. It is good for you to know what content is popular in your site.

Use Tynt service is very simple, after you registered just copy a script code into your site, test it if working, that is all you have to do. You can check its dashboard that recorded related information. Tynt is also bring some traffic to your site, maybe that is a good point either.




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