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Have Telephone Conference With A Free Service

Freeconferencepro is a website that setup a telephone conference room for you for free. What is telephone conference? It is a telephone meeting that allows more people talking together by phone. That means you can use it to have a company phone meeting with up to 200 participants. It is a pretty cool service, if you are a businessman maybe that is very good for you.

Freeconferencepro is a free service, but you still have to register and get your Passcode and HostID. The concept is simple, Freeconferencepro gives you a special phone number, and you use your Passcode and HostID that registered with it to access phone meeting room, all participants use same number with any touch tone telephone, a landline, mobile phone, or even a pay phone.

Freeconferencepro service is free but it does not mean telephone conference calling is also free, you have to pay calling fee, because its phone number is not 800 free calling number.




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