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Make Your Own Music Playlist With Mixtape is an interesting music site that allows you search, play music online, add playlist into your own library, and share with other users. You can register it for free, after that you can search your favorite music, play, add them into playlist, or share with your friends.

A little bit hard to do if you did not watch demo video at first. Let me explain it clear here. First you have type keyword of song, artist name into search bar, it will list songs on main screen. Double click a song it will play with a simple online player on same page, it also shows you that CD's cover, you can do it as other media player like stop, up or down volume. If you like you can use mouse drag a song into a small bar on left of screen. That is why you have to register, it will save your playlist for you, and let you learn more about album, or share with other people, embed your playlist code on your website.

It is a cool site, if you like listen music while you online, maybe that is a good site for you.




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