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Make Your Own Graffiti Letters Online

I do not know if you like graffiti? Usually you can see some on old buildings in outskirts of city, under bridges, dumped houses. I do, sometimes I like go to take pictures for interesting graffiti. But I do not have this talent so I can not do that even I want use it on my blog. Today, I found an interest site that can create graffiti letters online.

Graffiti Creator is an online tool which based on flash application that helps you to create your own graffiti letters. It has some modes, you can choose one that you liked by click "Load Font" button. After that, it will load a flash window, you can type words into a bar, click "CREATE" button. Your letters will display on the window, you can use different buttons to adjust it, change width and height, rotation. It has some buttons you can use. It allows you print it but no any button for save or download. I just use a software to capture screenshot. It is fun.


Graffiti Creator是一个基于flash的在线工具,它可以帮助你制作涂鸦文字。它有几种不同的模式,你可以点击"Load Font"按钮来选择你喜欢的模式。之后,它会再入一个flash窗口,你可以在一个空栏中输入文字,点击"CREATE"按钮。你的涂鸦文字就会出现在窗口中,你可以使用一个按钮来调整,更改文字的高度和宽度、旋转,以及还有其他一些按钮可以利用。它可以让你将其打印下来,但没有任何按钮让你下载保存到电脑中。我只是用软件来截取它的画面。很有趣。

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