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Can We Download World Wide Web?

I read an article from a website that introduced a special web service, I was surprised about this service is help you to download world wide web. It is My Web Download. How can we download world wide web? How big is it?

The latest numbers from Google estimate that there are around 40 billion pages on the Web. If we then estimate that each page has 10KB on average, that is already 400,000,000,000 KB, or 400 Terabytes!

It is impossible for personal download all the web pages. What does it doing? About 90% of those websites are pornographic or gambling related, so it removed them. The web reduce to only 10% of whole world wide web. It also removed all illegal MP3 and movie downloads, and the YouTube videos, it cuts a lot.

What size does My Web Download is? It is still big, so if you want download you need use a download manager that can rescure file if you want pause or restart download file. It has 28 downloads, each one over 1 Terabytes. Unfortunately, the download links are currently disabled due to excessive server load now. My Web Download mentions it will offer 132 DVDs in the future, it costs $49 dollars to order. I think that is a good way if you want collect world wide web, especially good for you browse WWW offline.

Hope this is not an April Fool trick.

我在网络上读到一片文章,介绍一个特别网络服务,让我惊讶的是该服务帮助你下载整个英特网。它是My Web Download。我们如何下载整个英特网?它有多大?

Google最近估计英特网大概有400亿个网页,如果按平均每个网页10KB来计算的话,它已经达到400,000,000,000 KB,也就是400TB!


那么My Web Download究竟有多大?它仍然很大,所以你最好使用专业下载器来下载,这样你可以在暂停或停止下载后继续恢复下载文件。它有28个下载文件,每个文件超过1TB。不幸的是由于服务器超载该下载目前已经停止。不过My Web Download说将来它会发行132张CD,价格为49美元。我觉得这是一个好方法,尤其适合想收藏英特网的人,它还可以让你离线浏览英特网。


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