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How To Watch ITV Video Outside The UK Without Proxy (Closed)

Update: ITV has changed video protocol, This trick is over.
ITV is a good website that allows you watch British TV program online, like other British video site BBC iPlayer it only allows British residents watch, that means only British IP address can watch their video online. I wrote two posts that talk about how to watch and download BBC iPlayer videos outside of UK before. Today, I like tell you how to watch ITV video without proxy.

First, you must use Firefox browser, you have to install a small Firefox plugin that called Caughtup. Go to this page download and install it. Restart Firefox, go to ITV website, and look for a program you want to watch and load its page. It will say something like you are not in UK or a technical issue can not play.

At the bottom of Firefox, you have a small TV icon on tool bar, you can click it open a small menu, choose a program which you want watch. After that, it will appear a dialog window, you can choose your media player to play video.

ITV是一个不错的视频网站,它专门播放英国的一些电视节目。但是与一些其他的英国视频网站如BBC iPlayer一样,只对英国居民开放,也就是说必须是英国IP地址才能收看它的视频节目。我以前写过两篇文章来讨论如何收看下载BBC iPlayer上的视频节目,今天我要谈的是如何不用代理收看ITV上的视频节目。



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