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Grab A Nice Screen Capture Software For Free

Solid Capture is a commercial screen capture software, it gives you the power to capture everything from multiple full screens down to a single pixel of color. Capture multiple windows, drop-down menus, colors, and even text right from your screen. It costs about $29.95 dollars, but you can get it for free now. Follow steps below you should be have it.

Just go to this page, fill a form like your email address, name and organiztion. You do not have to fill your fax or phone number. Click "register" button. It will send you an email with register code and your personal information. Next is download Solid Capture.

Last step is install software and activate it.

Solid Capture是一个商业抓屏软件,它强大的功能可以抓取整个窗口,也可以抓取很小像素的画面色彩。它还可以抓取屏幕上的多窗口、下拉菜单、色彩和文字。它的零售价为29.95美元,不过现在你可以免费获得,只要跟随下面步骤就可以了。

首先要到这个网页上进行注册,只要输入你的电子邮件地址,姓名和组织(任意填),无需输入电话或传真号码。点击"register"按钮后它会发出一封附有软件注册码和你的个人信息的邮件。下一步是下载Solid Capture


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