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Convert Any File Online

I have some posts cover about online convert tool that can helps you to convert files into another format without install any software, like documents, video and audio files. Most online converters are not for multiple files, some converters are only for documents, some are just for media file. Today I like tell you an online converter that supports multiple files, like ARCHIVE (rar, zip...), DOCUMENT (docx, doc...), PRESENTATION (odp, ppt), IMAGE (jpg, gif...), AUDIO (mp3, ogg...), and VIDEO (flv, mp4...).

This is Convert Files, it looks like to convert everything. Like many online converters, it has two ways: upload a file from hard drive or links a file from another website. Choose input and output format, fill your email address and click "Covert" button.

It allows to convert file size up to 100MB, and keep file on server about one week after converted.

我有一些文章介绍有关在线转换工具,它们可以将文件从一种格式转为另一种格式而无需安装任何软件,如文档文件,多媒体文件等。大多数在线工具是单一转换,如文档转换,或者多媒体转换。今天我要告诉你的是一个可以转换各种不同的文件,如压缩文件(rar, zip......)、文档文件(docx, doc......)、展示文件(odp, ppt)、图像文件(jpg, gif......)、音频文件(mp3, ogg......)和视频文件(flv, mp4......)。

这就是Convert Files,它好像能转换任何文件。与其他的在线转换器一样,它有两种方式连接转换文件:从电脑中上传文件或者从别的网站中连接要转换的文件。选择来源文件格式和要转换的文件格式,然后输入你的电子邮件地址后点击"Covert"按钮。


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