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Get Easy Video Joiner For Free

Sometimes I need a media splitter for cut a big video to several pieces for upload to server, but for some people who downloaded these media pieces will feel inconvenient while they watch one full video. That is why I like talk about video joiner today, we can use it to join multiple media pieces.

You can find many video joiners on internet, but most these kind of software are not free. I like tell you one that call Easy Video Joiner, it is a free software but it still need register. It is very easy, just download it, and use this code below for register.

Email: you email here
Key Code: CBC3-2A7A-1287-8B2A-EA1A-EEB6-5010-8840

Easy Video Joiner supports AVI, MPEG, Real Media file, Windows Media file, even most most audio files.


你可以在网络上发现不少视频文件合并器,但大多数类似的软件并不是免费。今天我要介绍一个名叫Easy Video Joiner的软件。它是一个免费软件,但仍然需要注册。不过很简单,下载软件后只要使用下列的信息就可以进行注册。

User Name(用户名)
Email(电子邮件地址): you email here
Key Code(注册码): CBC3-2A7A-1287-8B2A-EA1A-EEB6-5010-8840

Easy Video Joiner支持AVI、MPEG、Real Media视频文件、Windows Media视频文件,甚至大多数音频文件。

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