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Retrieve Original URL From Shortened

Many people use cellphone or other small device to browse internet, share web information with other people, they use Twitter or other micro-blog platform to post something. If you use this kind of devices you always hope you can type letters quick as possible as you can, most users like use some web services to shorten URL. You can find many shortened URL servers like,,, and so on. This kind of service can shorten longer web address and cover original web name, the good thing is makes you typing quickly, but for other people they do not know what original URL is.

Untiny is a web service that can retrieve the original URL. Just fill a shortened URL, click "Extract" button, it will display original one at once. It supports many shorten URL servers.

很多人使用移动电话或其他的小设备来浏览网络和与他人分享网站信息,他们通常使用Twitter或者其他的微型blog平台来发布消息。如果你是用这样的设备来上网的话你总想快速地进行文字输入,大多数人喜欢使用一些网络服务来将原来比较长的网名缩短成一个比较简便的名字,你可以发现不少这样的网络服务,如,, yep.it等等。这种服务网站可以将一个原来很长的网站名字缩短,它的好处是方便输入,但对其他人来说,你无法知道原来的网名。


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