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Use RSS Feed Remind Your Birthday

Many users use RSS to subscribe news, blog, even email that can be read from RSS reader. Do you know you can use RSS to remind your birthday? RssBirthday can do that job for you. It is a web based service, just fill in those dates and subscribe to your own RSS feed. Once the date approaches, you will get a notification in you RSS reader.

This is a free service, you can register an account for free, and set up your RSS feed, all done.

我知道很多人用RSS来订阅新闻、blog、甚至电子邮件,这些信息都可以用RSS阅读器来阅读。你知道吗,你也可以用RSS来订制生日提醒?RssBirthday就是这样一个网络服务网站,它是一个在线服务,只要输入你的一些生日资料并定制你自己的RSS feed,之后一旦日期到的话你就可以在你的RSS阅读器中得到提醒。


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