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Quickly Share A Single File With Your Friends

File2 is a free web service that converts some kind of files into a public web page. It looks like a file host service that allows you upload a file to its server, and it gives you a unique web page for browse or download. It is also a file sharing site, only you have a unique page link so you can send to somebody to share your file.

It is a good concept that allows you quickly share your file with people, of course they can download it. Now, File2 supports image, audio, video, document, archive, they will converted a web page. The good point is you can use this service without register, no annoyed CAPTCHA codes, no limit download, no software installing. But I could not find any notice mention how long your file should be stay, the rule says "the page may be deleted at anytime with or without warning".

I try upload a short video to File2, and it gave me a web page link. If you are interesting about this service you can click it and check out.




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