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Get PC Tools Internet Security 2009 One Year license For Free

I had several posts that cover some free register code of software. Today, I like tell you how to get PC Tools Internet Security 2009 one year license for free. It is pretty simple, just follow steps below.

First step is go to this page for register an account, jsut fill some information like name,email address, and passwords. Click "Signup!" button. It will send an email with an activation link. Then, check your mail and click activation link. It will take you a page that displays your user ID and register code (it also send them to you in email).

Last step is download PC Tools Internet Security 2009. That is all you have to do, so you can use this register code to use PC Tools Internet Security 2009 one year for free.

我写过一些文章介绍如何获得一些免费注册码,今天我要介绍的是如何获得PC Tools Internet Security 2009的一年使用注册码。其实很简单,只要跟随下面的几个步骤即可。


最后一步是下载PC Tools Internet Security 2009。这就是你要做的步骤,你可以使用得到的注册码免费使用PC Tools Internet Security 2009一年。

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