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Sing Your Message

Today, I would like introduce a fun site - Kako Messenger that may make you smile. It is a message service that turns your message into an audio with singing. It has two voice modes you can choose, male or female. Just fill your message and click "Play" button, you can watch and listen your message. You can send it to your friend but I could not do it.

Look at this screenshot that is better than my introducing. Just make fun.

今天,我想介绍一个有趣的一个网站-Kako Messenger,它可以让你发出会心的一笑。这是一个信息传递服务,它可以将你的信息转为一个歌唱音频。它有两种音频模式:男生和女生。只要输入你的信息,点击"Play"按钮后就可以观看和倾听你的信息。你还可以发送给朋友,但我还没有找到发送方法。


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