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Use Email To Browse Web Page

I know some people have trouble to enter some websites, it often happens in some conditions, like schools, companies, and some counties. We can use some alternate ways to access blocked website, one choice is use email service.

Email The Web is a web service that can send web page with email to you. It is very simple, if you have an account of Google you can use it sign in Email The Web. Just fill a web page address and your email address, after click "send" button you will get an email with web page that you wanted. If the web page is big, it is not display in your mail and with an attachment.

It is a good way for people who want browse some web pages that blocked by company, school, government.


Email The Web是一个网络服务,它可以用电子邮件发送网页。它非常简单,只要你有Google的账户就可以使用它来登陆。输入网页和你的电子邮件地址,点击"send"按钮你就可以得到它发送的网页。如果网页比较大的话,它不会显示在邮件中,而是贴在附件中。


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