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A Free French VPN Service

I had several posts that talk about how to use free VPN service, this is a very good way to surf online bypass censorship in some countries. A reader left a comment that mentions another free VPN service - UltraVPN. This is a French VPN service and offers a free VPN client that based on Open VPN software.

It is very easy to use this client, just download and install UltraVPN client, and create an account on this page. After that, you can use right click an icon which located on system tray open a small menu, click "Connect" and fill user name and password. All done. Open browser and go to regular Google if it display a French version that means this VPN server works fine.

My blog reader who mentions this free VPN service is faster than Alonweb and unlimited broadband, I had test this VPN server's speed, from Paris to New York, download speed is 1.32Mb/s, upload is 0.63Mb/s. If I if I download a video clip (35MB) it should spend 4 minutes. Pretty good.

But I want mention you, my anti-virus software ESET NOD32 detected a virus (NewHeur_PE virus) while I install this client, it says "probably unknown NewHeur_PE virus found". I do not know about this virus but I want you pay attention if it has risk.

我写过不少有关如何使用免费VPN服务的文章,这对有些在封锁网络的国家中的用户来说很有帮助。有一个读者留下评论提及另一个免费VPN服务-UltraVPN。这是一个法国VPN服务,它基于Open VPN客户端提供免费的VPN服务。



不过我要在这里提醒各位,在我安装它的客户端中间我的反病毒软件ESET NOD32侦测到一个病毒“NewHeur_PE virus”,它说“也许发现一个不知名的NewHeur_PE virus”。我对这个病毒不了解,只是善意提醒用户注意风险。

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