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Alternative Applications

Alternative To is a website that collects some information about applications for different operation system. If you are looking for useful software or web applications that is a good way to tell you how to find another similar software.

I really do not know how to describe this website, so I can use an example. If you looking for a media player for your computer such as Media Player Classic, Alternative To can tell you some other similar media players: VLC media player, The KMPlayer, MPlayer, GOM Player. You have more choices, you can compare to these media players, find one what suits you.

I think this is a good way to compare similar software or web applications. Maybe you can find better one for your computer.

Alternative To是一个搜集一些适合不同操作系统的软件和在线程式的网站。如果你在寻找有用的软件和在线程式的话,也许这是一个不错的地方,它会告诉你一些类似的软件和程式。

我的确不知道如何描述这个网站,只能举例说明。如果你在为你的电脑寻找一个满意的媒体播放器的话如Media Player Classic,Alternative To可以告诉你一些与之类似的媒体播放器,如VLC media player, The KMPlayer, MPlayer, GOM Player等等。你有更多的选择,可以比较这些播放器,发现一个合适的播放器。


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