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How To Download BitTorrent File Anonymously

I think many people use some BitTorrent client to download files, especially for some big file like movie, TV shows, software. P2P download is popular around the world, but some countries are banned this type connection, and it is not safe if marketers, corporations, criminals, and governments all monitor your online activities. How to protect yourself while you download BitTorrent file?

Bitblinder is an application that resolves privacy problem, it lets you download BitTorrent file anonymously. How come? Actually, Bitblinder based on famous anonymous software Tor, it integrates a BitTorrent client and Tor, and Firefox. It has two parts: one is a BitTorrent client, another one is Firefox browser, they both connections are anonymously.

You can use both software together or separated. If you use Bitblinder you can secure connection, even your ISP does not know. Look this picture below.

Bitblinder is a free software, it has own network, so you have to register and create an account with it. After you download and installed client you need use your ID and password. It is very easy to use, just click "Launch Anonymous BitTorrent" for download file, or "Launch Anonymous Browser" for browser websites.




Bitblinder是一个免费软件,它用自己的网络,所以你需要注册和创建一个账户。在你下载和安装软件后必须使用你的ID和密码登陆。它很容易使用,如果下载变态文件的话只要点击"Launch Anonymous BitTorrent",浏览网站则可以点击"Launch Anonymous Browser"。

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