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Use StreamTorrent To Watch Online TV And Listen Radio

StreamTorrent is a P2P application for streaming audio and video that allows you watch some online TV or listen to live internet radio.

What is different between StreamTorrent and other P2P internet TV clients like some Chinese based clients TVU Network, TVAnts, PPlive? These P2P clients stream TV and radio with public and personal servers, they are running 24 hours a day, you can watch most channels all the time. But StreamTorrent only use public stream servers, that means it is not running all the time, when public server down it should be down.

But it still better than some web based online TV sites. Now it has some channels like Setanta, BBC1, BBC2, ITV, ESPN China, CCTV5, SHTV and more. StreamTorrent seems like a Chinese client, some channels are only for Chinese. It is a new application that looks simple and slow, it has a long way to go.


StreamTorrent与其他的一些点对点网络电视客户端有什么不同,如TVU Network, TVAnts, PPlive?这些点对点网络电视客户端大多使用公共和私人的服务器,一天24小时运转,你可以在任何时候收看固定的节目。但StreamTorrent只使用一些公共的服务器,并非全天候运转,但公共服务器关闭时它也无法收看。

不过,它仍然比那些基于网站的在线电视要好。目前,它有一些频道如Setanta, BBC1, BBC2, ITV, ESPN China, CCTV5, SHTV等等。StreamTorrent好像是一个中国人开发的软件,一些频道仅适用于中文。它是一个新软件,看上去很简单,速度也不快,显然它有很长的路要走。

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