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A Nice Online Collaboration Tool For Co-Workers

Show Document is an online collaboration site that offers a good tool to help you and your co-worker share and edit document in real time. It allows you and co-worker both browse, upload document, of course to view and edit it.

This is a good tool for people who separated but work a subject together. Dose matter how far away between you both, just get online and go to Show Document. You can upload a document, setup a code, and invite your co-worker to join the session. When your co-worker got code, just use it to sign in for browse document. It should be in real time you both can view, edit document.

Show Document is a free service, it allows up to 50 people join view document at same time. It supports some different type of document file, like pdf,doc,xls,ppt,rtf,csv,txt,xml,odt, and some image files.

Show Document是一个在线合作网站,它提供一个非常实用的工具让你和你的合作者即时共享和编辑文件。

这对分开在不同地点却要合作完成一个共同项目的人们来说,这是一个非常不错的工具。无论你们居住在何处,相距十万八千里,只要能够上网就可以到Show Document网站上传你的文件,建立一个代码,并邀请你的合作者一起浏览和编辑文件。但合作者得到文件代码后就可以登陆查看文件,你们可以同时浏览和编辑文件。

Show Document是一个免费服务,允许多达50个人同时浏览文件。它支持的文件格式有pdf,doc,xls,ppt,rtf,csv,txt,xml,odt,以及一些图片文件。

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