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Create A Live Chatting Room With GixawChat

Gixaw Chat is a web service that allows you create your own live chatting room. This is a web based tool you do not have to install anything. Register an account is free, it will give a web page that hosts your chatting room. Free user only have one chatting room and five chatters. They also have some more options for paid users.

After you created a chatting room you can control everything, including ban and kick someone out if they broke your rules. You can use Flood Protection to protect your rooms from text floods. You can enable or disable smileys, font styling or file sharing capabilities for rooms. It supports password to secure your chatting room, and multiple language. If you like you can embed it into your site or blog.

Gixaw Chat是一个在线服务网站,它让你创建自己的在线聊天室。这是一个在线工具,所以无需安装任何东西。注册一个账户是免费的,它会给你一个网页来建立你的聊天室。免费用户可创建一个聊天室和限制5个聊天者。它也有更多的选择提供给付费用户。

在你创建聊天室后你可以控制一切,包括禁止和将违反规定的人剔除聊天室。你可以使用Flood Protection来防止大量的文字洪水。你可以开启或关闭脸谱、字体和文件分享功能。它也支持密码保护和使用多种语言。如果你愿意的话,还可以将其粘贴到你的网站或blog上。

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