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Give Your Site A 3D Visitor Map

Some widgets are very cool, like this one that offers you a 3D visitor map for your blog or website. Revolvermaps give your website a new face to count visitors.

It has two ways display 3D visitor map: one is flash based on Javascript; another way is flash based on HTML, that mode could display on your My Space. It is really simple, just choose size, color, and copy code into your site. It is cool.


它用两种方式显示3D地图,一是使用基于Javascript平台的flash地图;第二种是基于普通超文本HTML的flash,这种模式可以显示在My Space上。非常简单,只要选择显示尺寸、颜色,以及将代码拷贝到你的网站上即可。非常酷!

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