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Hunt My Music

I had several posts that talk about music, like search, listen, and download music. Today I would like introduce another music search site that also allows you search, listen, and download music online.

Hunt My Music is a music search site, as most search sites it does not host any music file, but you can use it for search, listen and download music. If you register an account with Hunt My Music, you might setup your own playlists, save them on servers, and listen, download them at any time.

I think this is not a special music search site but you can try.


Hunt My Music是一个音乐搜索网站,与其他的搜索网站一样,它并不储存任何音乐文件,但是你可以利用它来搜索、聆听和下载音乐。如果你注册一个账户的话,你也许可以创建自己的播放列表,以及将音乐保存在服务器上以便在任何时候收听和下载。


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