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Store Your Software Registration Codes Together

Keyfiler is a web based application that for store your software registration codes. It looks like a password manager, you can store your software registration codes in one place. Why do we have to put all software registration codes together? The reason is simple, sometimes our computers have serious troubles, we have to reinstall software even Windows system, we need reset these registration codes into software.

Keyfiler is a good place to backup your software registration codes together, because you can get them anywhere even you bring your laptop travel in other place. You do not have to worry about reach these codes if you needed.

Keyfiler has two ways to secure your software information: one is "standard security" that using a global encryption key stored on web server. Another is "high security" that encrypted with a key linked to your password, that means it must have a password if you want enter your information. The service is free, if you need store your software registration codes I think that is a good choice.



Keyfiler有两种方式来储存你的软件注册码:一是使用"standard security",也就是通用的标准加密方式。另一种是"high security",这是一种超加密方式,它加密密码链接,这也意味着只有使用密码才能得到这些软件的注册码。该服务是免费的,我认为如果你想备份你的软件注册码的话,也许这是一个不错的选项。

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