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Zipped Your Files Online Without Any Software

If you do not like install too many software into your computer you should like some online services, like web based tools. It is good for people who use public computer, you can use an online tool without install anything.

FileStomp is a web based server that allows you to compress files without install any software. You can zip a series of files once time. Just upload your files from your computer, and click "Zip it!" button. After done it will give you a link that you can download your zipped file.

If you need use similar this kind of web based server you might also check out another one - Shrinkfile, but it seems temporarily unavailable now. I think online service is very hard to keep long, maybe half year it may take down.


FileStomp是一个在线服务网站,它可以让你不用任何软件就可以将一些文件压缩打包。你可以将多个文件打包成一个文件,只要上传这些文件,然后点击"Zip it!"按钮。完成打包后它会给你一个下载链接供你下载。


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