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Make Your Picture Become A Special Painting

We know some interesting web based tools let you draw something online, it is very good for kids or adults who want create a special picture. Psykopaint is another one tool that allows you draw something on your picture, and makes it look special, like a painting, a draw, or just colors.

To start Psykopaint is easy, just click "Getting Started" arrow icon on right bottom of screen. You can click "Open" button on top tool bar for upload your picture. After your picture loaded you can draw something on this picture. I do not know about draw so for me it should be a little hard on next, just take look a video that shows you a sample.

This is a cool tool, if you know how to do you might have an impressed painting.


开启Psykopaint很简单,只要点击屏幕右下方的"Getting Started"图标即可。接下去是点击伤方工具条上的"Open"按钮来上传你的图片。在载入相片后你就可以开始创作了。我不太懂素描,所以对我来说这有点困难。你可以看一下上面的视频它告诉你一些简单的运作。

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