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MSE360, An Interesting Search Site

Mse360 is a search site that offers a easy way way to search something on internet. It uses one interface to search different search subjects of type, like web, image, video, Wikipedia, Twitter, and blog. Think about one interface, it should be crowded.

I do like this concept that is to search multiple subjects on one interface but I do not think Mse360 has a nice and friendly interface. It has something special, like Tag Cloud that looks so cool. I think the best point is you can focus search on one country, you choose country that you only want search. You can also turn on/off safe search that will filter or not filter adult materials.

It is an interesting search site, I hope it can improve its interface in the future.




1 comment:

Daniel Clarke said...

Hi :). It's a very hard task to try and fit all the content into a clean UI and I got to agree that we have not reached the peak of what we can do! We will be testing out some new UI's in the coming weeks and hopfully we will hit something that certain improves on what we have at current. Feel free to let me know if you have any other comments

- Daniel Clarke.
MSE360 Lead Programmer.