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Mashup Map Helps You Travel In NYC

Google Map is a very good internet map, I like use it to check somewhere more than other online map sites. Some people also use it to mashup other functions and make a new map site. Triptrop NYC is a this kind of site.

Triptrop NYC based on Google Map, it displays how long it takes to go anywhere in New York City via subway. Very simple to use it, just fill "where are you" and "where are you going" bars on the top of site. After click "map it" button, it will display a map with color-coded that shows time you have to take via subway.

It is a very good calculator with map if you stay or travel in New York City. For example, from Central Park to Times Square that takes about 20 minutes.

Google Map是一个非常好的网络地图,我使用它的比率远远高于其他网络地图。一些人使用它来混合其他的功能制作成新的网站,Triptrop NYC就是其中的一个。

Triptrop NYC是基于Google Map,它可以在地图上显示在纽约市内任何地方搭地铁到任何地方所花费的时间。非常容易使用,只要在"where are you"和"where are you going"这两个地址条内输入起点和终点,点击"map it"按钮后它就可以用颜色码来表明搭地铁到目的地所需要花费的时间。


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