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Learn How To Painting Online

Do you interest about painting? I met some people who learn painting after retired. It should be interesting, I found an interesting site that uses videos to teach you how to paint oil picture. That website called Wonders Of Painting, it has different language versions. This is a way that watch video and learn painting.

It is a video site, so I do not have to say anything. Some artists of Wonders Of Painting team will show you oil painting lessons every week. Look at this video below.

你是否对绘画感兴趣?我遇到过一些退休后才学绘画的人。这想必一定很有趣,我发现一个不错的网站,它使用视频来教你如何画油画。这个网站叫Wonders Of Painting,它有不同的语言版本。

它是一个视频网站,所以无需我多说什么。一些来自Wonders Of Painting团队的艺术家会在每个星期发布油画教学视频。这就是看视频学绘画的教学。可参看上面的视频。

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