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PolicyMap, A Data Map

Policy Map is a special data map that uses a map to display local data like demographic, real estate, crime, money and income, jobs, education, energy, and public investments. You can search any location by address, census tract, county, state, zip code, school district, or Congressional district in United States.

Register Policy Map is free, you can access public data map and make standard tables and charts. Subscribe premium account can make custom data map, licensed map, download data.

Policy Map is a useful tool for any organization or professional who needs to aggregate, analyze and present data. For normal people who want check local data or buy property, the public data is enough helps make decision.

Policy Map是一个特别的数据地图,它使用地图的方式来显示当地的一些数据,如:统计数字、房地产、犯罪率、当地家庭平均收入、就业状况、教育程度、能源和公共投资。你可以输入当地的地址、城市、县镇、州和邮编来查看人口普查数据。该服务仅限于美国境内。

注册Policy Map是免费的,你可以查看一些公共数据和制作标准的列表。付费用户可以制作客户化的数据地图,注册地图和下载数据。

Policy Map是一个有效的工具,尤其对一些社会组织或专业人士,他们需要整理、分析和显示数据。对一般人来说,尤其是想在当地购房的用户,一般公共数据已经足够帮助你作出判断和决定。

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