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Mixed Your Pictures, Audio,Text To Video Online

Stupeflix is an online service that can mix your text, picture, audio, and make a video content for you share it with your friends. It is online tool so you do not have install any software, just register an account with Stupeflix, that is free.

You have to spend a little bit time to figure out how to use it, I did but it is not too hard. After you open your account you have to clean all pictures it puts on for you. Then, you can add your pictures, music. After you "Generate the video" button it will create a video for you, you can choose a format of video that you wanted. After all done, it will give you a link that displays your video. If you want share your video with your friends just send this link to them.


你可能需要一点时间来使用这个工具,我就是这样,但也并不是太困难。在你打开你的账户后需要清理里面预设的图片,然后添加你自己的图片、文字和音频。在你点击"Generate the video"按钮后它会创建视频,你可以选择你喜欢的视频格式。完成后它会给你一个链接,你的视频就显示在这个网址上,你可以将其发送给你的朋友们分享。

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