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Some Special Search Sites

Twitter Job Search - a social media job search engine.

Similgoogle - a search engine which can help you to discover a new web thanks to Google Similar Pages.

The Molu - a search spider that can search everything.

Wikia - an intelligent searcher...

Docjax - a search engine for documents, which allow you to search documents and e-book from everywhere, preview them and even download them for free.

Snitch - search people who are on social network sites.

Twitter Job Search - 一个社会性媒体工作搜索引擎。

Similgoogle - 一个搜索引擎可以帮助你发现一个新的Google类似网页。

The Molu - 一个网络搜索爬虫,可搜索任何东西。

Wikia - 一个聪明的搜索器...

Docjax - 一个专门搜索办公文件的搜索引擎,从电子书到办公文件,甚至可以免费下载。

Snitch - 可搜索在一些社会性网络网站上的人们。

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