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The Pirate Google

If you are a torrent download fan you should know how to search torrent files online, we have a lot's of torrent file search engines, most P2P clients are also offer search service. Do you know we can use Google to search torrent files? Yes, we can but a little bit inconvenient, because Google is not design for search torrent file.

The Pirate Google is a torrent file search site that powered by Google, it can help you to use this powerful search engine to search torrent file. It like a Google custom search, it is not different Google but focus on torrent file, so you can easy to search torrent files. It is easy and powerful.


The Pirate Google是一个变态下载文件搜索网站,它基于Google搜索引擎,它可以帮助你使用该强大的搜索引擎来搜索变态下载文件。它就是一个Google自定义搜索器,与Google并没有什么不同,只是江搜索目标集中在变态下载文件上,所以很容易对变态下载文件进行搜索。非常简单也很强大。

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