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Closer Review A Free VPN Server - AceVPN

Yesterday I wrote a post that introduced a free VPN service - AceVPN. Today I want to be a little bit closer to see this free VPN service.

AceVPN uses Open VPN client, you have to download and install it before you do anything. If you already have OpenVPN client you do not have to download again, you can download a configuration file, you can extract it to config folder (C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config\). Now, you can click OpenVPN GUI to open client, it should be stay on system tray. Use mouse right click on the OpenVPN icon, and choose "Connect" on the small menu. After you fill your user ID and password just wait a few seconds it should be connected if green light flash on. Now, you can surf online anonymously.

I do not have any problem. After I connected server it seems faster than I thought, IP address display in Germany/France (Google detected). I did test speed, from US to German server, download: 1493kb and upload: 702kb. It is very good. Browse website is not any problem, even like video site - Youtube, it still can play video.

In fact, it allows you use most clients or software to access internet, including browser, instant messenger, VOIP client, media player, and so on. But you need to know some P2P connection is disallowed, like Torrent downloaders, P2P internet TV client or other P2P clients. AceVPN is still in beta version, maybe it will open that kind of connection in the future. I think AceVPN is a very good VPN service, it is free,no ads,no limited broadband and traffic. I recommend this free VPN service.


AceVPN使用的客户端基于Open VPN,在你连接网络前必须下载和安装它。如果你已经安装了OpenVPN客户端的话可以直接下载一个配置文件,然后解压到config文件夹中,通常的路径为C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config\。现在,你可以点击OpenVPN GUI打开客户端,它会驻守在系统托盘中。用鼠标右键点击OpenVPN图标,在一个小菜单中点击"Connect"。在你输入用户名和密码后不用几秒钟就会连接到服务器上。系统托盘图标上会闪烁绿色,这样你就可以匿名浏览网络了。

我没有遇到任何问题。连接后的速度比我想象的要快。IP地址显示的位置在德国(Google标识为法国)。我做了一个速度测试,从德国的服务器连接到美国,下载速度是493kb,上传速度为702kb。相当不错。 用它浏览一般的网站并不成问题,即使是Youtube这样的视频网站它也能应付。


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