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AceVPN, You Can Get It For Free

I had several posts that talk about free VPN service, as I say before, most VPN services are not free, only a few are free but still have some limited, like broadband, speed, or ban media files. I have a lot's of readers from China, but recently Chinese government blocked Blogger, they could not visit this blog now. I know some Chinese users are using proxy, VPN to through Great Firewall visit my blog and other blocked sites. How can you visit a website if it blocked by government, company, school? The best way is use VPN service.

Recently, I found another free VPN service that called AceVPN, but it is limited open to public users (required invitation). Why? Keep maintain VPN service need a lot of money, and it does not want be abused by some users. How can you get this free VPN? Actually, it is easy, just write a review of AceVPN, and link to its main page. You can use any language to write review. After you posted it you can send an email to tell them about your review. If everything is fine AceVPN will give you an invitation for use its free VPN. Sounds right?

I want mention AceVPN is not only offer free VPN service, it also offers a web based proxy service, just simple type a web address into a bar, after clicked "Go" button you can surfing websites anonymously. If you want search Google anonymously, you can install a Browser Search Bar for IE or Firefox, it is free. If you do not like use web based proxy, you can choose another way, use a proxy client that called Ace Proxy Client. It should be a little bit difficult for some users who have never use a proxy client before. For more information you can look at this page. These both proxy ways are powered by Google servers, very fast.



我也想提一下AceVPN不仅提供免费VPN服务,而且还提供一个在线代理服务,只要简单地输入一个网址到它的地址栏中,点击"Go"按钮后就可以自由地匿名浏览网站了。如果你想匿名使用Google搜索的话,也可以免费安装它的一个匿名搜索按钮,它适用于IE和Firefox浏览器。如果你不喜欢使用在线代理的话,你可以选择另一个方法,使用一个代理客户端,它叫Ace Proxy Client。也许对那些没有网络知识的人来说这有点复杂。你可以到这个网页得到更多信息。这两种代理方法都是基于Google服务器,速度非常快。

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