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Does My Blog Is Similar With Google?

Today, I found a search site that called Similar Sites. You know what it doing when you see its name. It is a search site that helps you to find some similar sites. It is simple, just type a website address into search bar, after clicked "Find Similar Sites" bar it will list some sites these are similar with it.

Actually, it is a good concept, but unfortunately this search engine seems failure. I did check my blog with it, the result made me laughing a lot. You know what? Biggest search engine Google on the similar list. I do not why it on the list, but I could not figure out what similar points between both sites. My blog is a simple personal blog, only a few traffic. It is not only one mistake, I had check other websites with Similar Sites, many websites are not similar even not close to.

Similar Sites is not only web search, it also offers plugin for browsers: Firefox and IE. I want mention Similar Sites let you vote website list if you think that is similar or not, and you can also suggest similar site either.

今天我发现一个叫做Similar Sites的搜索网站,当你看到它的名字时就知道它是干什么的。它帮助你发现一些类似的网站。非常简单,只要在搜索条上输入一个网址,点击"Find Similar Sites"后它会列出一些类似的网站。

事实上,这是一个不错的概念,但不幸的是这个搜索网站看上去是失败的。我用它来检查我的blog,这让我大笑。为什么?最大的搜索引擎网站Google尽然在类似我的blog列表上。我不知道它为何列在其中,但我无法理解两者之间有什么类似点。我的blog是一个个人网站,流量也很小。这不仅是一个例外的错误,我用Similar Sites检查了其他的一些网站,很多网站也并不类似。

Similar Sites不仅仅是一个搜索网站,它也为Firefox和IE浏览器提供插件。我想提一下,Similar Sites让你评选列表上的类似度,也可以建议一些类似的网站。

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