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Direct Download Torrent File Via A Proxy Site

Many people like download files from some torrent sites, usually you have to use a torrent client or a web based service to do that job. To find a torrent client is not hard and they are also free, but the problem is many ISP have banned torrent protocol with some reasons. I had some posts that talk about how to download torrent file anonymously or bypass torrent protocol. Today I like introduce another web based download service - Furk.

Furk is a web based service that uses its servers download torrent files and turn it to http protocol for direct downloading. You can search torrent file with Furk search engine, after that you can download file with your browser in http protocol. It will bypass your ISP if it blocked torrent protocol.

Furk is also a hosting site that allows you upload file as other hosting site like Rapidshare, Uploading, the files will keep 30 days if it dose not have downloading.


Furk是一个在线服务网站,它使用自己的服务器下载变态下载文件,然后将其转为普通的http协议供用户下载。你可以使用Furk 的搜索引擎来搜索文件,之后就可以使用浏览器直接下载文件。它将绕过那些禁止变态下载接入的网络接入服务商的封锁。

Furk也是一个文件寄存网站,它允许你上传文件,如同别的寄存网站一样,如Rapidshare, Uploading。如果没有下载的话该文件会保存30天。

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