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Youtube Karaoke

I had some posts that mentioned about Karaoke online, it is fun for many people especially for young Japanese, Chinese, and Korean people. Actually, biggest video site Youtube has tons of music video that including some Karaoke music videos.

Karaoke music video is that displays lyrics on the screen while you play music video, so you can see it while you singing. Youtube Karaoke is a site that collects Karaoke songs from Youtube. Just fill a name of singer, and pick a song from list. It will play at once. I think it is not only for Karaoke lovers, it can be using for learn to sing a song, or look at lyrics.


卡拉OK视频是在播放一部音乐视频的时候将歌词显示在屏幕上,这样你就可以在唱歌的同时可以看到歌词。Youtube Karaoke是一个专门收集Youtube上适合卡拉OK音乐视频的网站。只要输入歌手的名字,从列表上选择你要唱的歌曲,它会立刻播放。我觉得这个网站不仅可以用来卡拉OK,也可以用于学唱歌曲,或者查看歌词。

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