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Sell Your Online Network Account With Assetize

Assetize is a strange website for me, it is a platform that allows people to buy and sell their online network account. First thing enter my mind is why people want buy these accounts if they can get it for free? For me, it dose not make any senses. Well, internet is growing up fast, so you never know what's happening next. Some people want buy an easy remembered or brand name account, but most people want sell their account and make extra money.

Now, Assetize supports Blogger, Friendfeed, Gmail, Ning, Twitter, Wordpress, Yahoo! Group, and Facebook.The service is free, if you want sell your account maybe you can try.


目前,Assetize所支持的账户有BloggerFriendfeedGmailNingTwitterWordpressYahoo! Group,以及Facebook。该服务是免费的,如果你出售你的账户的话可以试试。

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