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Some Useful Web Tools - 06/04/09

Samurajdata - offers a useful web tool that allows you view some document file without an application, like PDF, PostScript and Word.

Meta Tag Analyzer - see how search engine robots analyze your or your competitors web site.

Online Encryption Tool - an online text encryption tool that encrypted/decrypted text for you.

FeedMingle - a web service that allows you put multiple website's feeds into one.

I Map Weather - a very cool map for weather that powered by Google Map.

Samurajdata - 提供一个实用的网络工具,可以不同安装任何软件查看一些文档文件,如PDF、PostScript和Word。

Meta Tag Analyzer - 查看搜索引擎机器是如何分析你的网站或其他竞争对手网站。

Online Encryption Tool - 一个在线文本加密工具,可加密/解密文本文件。

FeedMingle - 一个网络服务网站,将多个网站feeds合成为单个。

I Map Weather - 一个非常酷的气象地图,它基于Google地图

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