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Make Your Blog Become A Printable Magazine (E-book)

Zinepal is web service that helps you create printable magazine and e-book from any website. How come? It is easy, just fill website's address into main bar. It will detect feeds of site and lists 10 posts on the page, you can choose which one you like on magazine or e-book.

You can click "I am Done - Create My Zine!" button. It has some options you can choose: Title, Delivery. You can choose email you that will send your story via email. You can click "Preview" button check it out, if everything is fine you can click "Create My Zine" button.

All done, it has two type files: PDF and Mobi. You can download them or just view online. If you picked public it can be read for everyone.


你可以点击"I am Done - Create My Zine!"按钮,它有一些选项可以选择:文章标题、传输方式。你可以选择用电子邮件发送文件。在点击"Preview"按钮后可进行预览,如果一切顺利的话就可以点击"Create My Zine"按钮。


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