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AnyClient, Two Ways Upload Your Files To Remote Server

AnyClient is a free platform independent file transfer application that supports all major file transfer protocols including FTP/S, SFTP and WebDAV/S. It works two ways: web based application and a client for install computer.

For me, I would like use a web based service because I do not have to download and install it. Just go to anyclient Applet, it based on Java application, so you have to install it if your computer does not have. After running application it will display a clean interface that just like a normal FTP client. Click "Connect" button, it appears another window. Click "New" button on low left side of window to setup a remote server, just fill Host, Use name, Password, Local directory, and Remote directory. Click "Save" button that for use late. You can click "Connect" button to connect remote server. Now, you can upload your file.

It is a useful tool, I really like it.


对我来说,我更喜欢在线客户端,因为它无需下载安装软件。只要到anyclient Applet,它基于Java程式,如果你的电脑没有的话必须先下载安装它。在运转后它会显示一个干净的界面,这如同一个常规的FTP客户端。点击"Connect"按钮,它会出现另一个窗口,在窗口的左下方点击"New"按钮来建立一个远程服务器。输入Host、Use Name、Password、Local directory和Remote directory。点击"Save"保存后可备以后使用。在你点击"Connect"按钮后就可以连接远程服务器,现在你就可以上传文件了。


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