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Grab A Professional Translation Software For Free

If you like me always surf on different websites maybe you need a good translation software. Power Translator 11 Pro is a translation software that from LEC company. It is not a freeware, it costs $125 US dollars. But now we can get it for free. Why? Because it pushes a new version and giveaway old one for promotion. How can we get it? Just follow these steps below.

This is a German site but it is not hard to figure it out.

First step is go to this page for register an account. Fill your email address, name, and country, click “Hier erhalten Sie Ihre Seriennummer" button.

You will received an email at once, click a link in the email. Click “klicken Sie bitte auf den folgenden Link” on the page. It will take you to another page, click It will take a code page like below:

Fill your email address which you registered before, click “Generate Access Code” button, it will display a registration code in low bar.

It is almost done. Last step is go to this page download Power Translator 11 Pro, it has two ways: HTTP and Torrent. You can choose one that you liked. This software is huge big, about 551.5 MB. While you install it you have to fill registration code, after that you can choose a language that you wanted.

如果你和我一样常常浏览不同的网站的话,也许你需要一个翻译器。Power Translator 11 Pro是来自LEC公司的一个翻译软件,它并不是一个免费软件,零售价值为125美元。但现在我们可以免费得到它,为什么?因为它推出了新版本,免费赠送旧版本是一个宣传活动。如何才能得到这个软件?只要跟随下面的步骤即可。


首先到这个网页,注册一个账户。填写你的电子邮件、姓名和国家,点击“Hier erhalten Sie Ihre Seriennummer"按钮。

你会立刻收到一封电子邮件,点击里面的一个链接。在一个页面中点击“klicken Sie bitte auf den folgenden Link”。它会转到另一个页面,点击 /PowerTranslator11ProRegistration.asp。它会出现如下图所示的页面。

输入你所注册的电子邮件地址,点击“Generate Access Code” ,它会在下面的框框内出现注册码。

这几乎已经完成。最后一步是到这个网页下载Power Translator 11 Pro。它提供二种下载方式:HTTP和Torrent(变态下载)。你可以选择一个你喜欢的方式。这个软件非常之大,有551.5 MB。在你安装软件的时候需要输入注册码,然后选择你的语言。

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